Is it you who we are looking for?

eFellows is looking for intelligent and driven young individuals to join our internship program to help you build deep understanding of foundational technologies and principles and how to apply them in high-level solutions.

Combine that with systems thinking and critical reasoning from first principles to become a strong IT Engineer with great career opportunities in the post-ChatGPT era. Experienced people also welcome if ego permits.

Join a team of enthusiasts in engineering where rational thinking, learning and work are the top values! Combine theory and labs with actual hands-on contribution in complex real-life projects early in your career, rather than grinding menial monotonous tasks for years.

What you get

Direct access and F2F contact with your mentors – exceptional engineers and individuals

Work while you study

Gain soft skills on interaction with customers and third parties

Cross-discipline knowledge and approach

Tactics and strategies for attacking complex problems and learning hard topics

Fair pay

4 months, 4 flexible hours a day, primarily work from office

Technical scope
for on-prem, cloud and hybrid cases

Networking and network security


OS Administration (Windows and Linux)

Foundational services and protocols – DNS, HTTP, PKI, TLS

Containerization and orchestration

Scripting and automation

Infrastructure as Code


Application architecture and deployment patterns for maximum performance and uptime

Replatforming legacy application stacks

Application-layer security (WAF, DBF)

Borislav Lazarov

Reach out to with a CV
and brief resume for info and registration!