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App Deployment & Re-platforming

Areas of expertise

  • Analytics & consultancy on identifying bottlenecks, single point of failures and bad interdependencies

  • Consultancy on interfacing with software developers/companies on defining requirements, architecture, acceptance testing, etc

  • Abstraction of common services from the monolithic app core – e.g. file services, session, cache, queueing, authentication, etc

  • Take advantage of widespread stable open-source solutions

  • Migration to stateless servers where applicable

  • Packaging app stacks to portable groups

  • Automated deployment pipelines & playbooks

  • Streamlined deployment and management of multi environments

  • Integration with infrastructure components for auto provisioning

  • OS & Infrastructure patching made easy

  • Zero-downtime Deployment of app versions and fixes

  • Scale-in, scale-out in addition of scale-up only

  • Migration in to- and out of Cloud

  • Hybrid cloud/on-prem deployments

Optimize deployment & lifecycle of

From legacy monolithic apps to modern containerized microservices

In-house developed

Of the-shelf big vendor

Externally developed custom

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